Backyard Explorers at Rimba Ilmu

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Tie Dye at National Islamic Museum

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We were at the museum in the afternoon after Jumaah for a tie dye session. Jazaakillahu khairan to Ila for organising, I enjoyed it so much I thought it could be made a hobby, but where and how shall I set the table for it? Round the back maybe yes, just a thought.

Anyway Hn, Hs did a sup bunjut style tie dye. I mucked around and did a swirly one for A and a folded in different directions one for M since she decided to stay in school. Boy was she disappointed slightly when the anticipated discussion didn’t happen so she just slept it off instead. Sigh. I managed to tie dye twice over though woo hoo! 😀

The staff showed us some slides on different tie dye examples from around the world and some techniques

The staff showed us some slides on different tie dye examples from around the world and some techniques

Folding technique

Folding technique

Hn,Hs & A's tie dye t-shirts

Hn,Hs & A’s tie dye t-shirts

M's tie dye I made

M’s tie dye I made

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E-books and Stories online for Children

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Arabic on Youtube

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Just discovered this on youtube, really nice Arabic sketches, just a few and there are some lessons too. Check them out:

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Science playgroup on senses a while back

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Cycling at the park

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One of my targets for last year or maybe even the year before was to get H to cycle with just two wheels. Well, having just moved recently gave me a newfound ‘freedom’ (well, dad still came to sleep over last night when hubby was not around, I’m still their baby!) I mean I have slightly more breathing space. Even without a maid,  I feel I achieve more nowadays.

Anyway, I finally got around to getting the kid’s bikes fixed,  well except for M’s, and this is in essence why I hardly ever get anything done while we were staying at my mom’s. I just managed to get H and Hboy’s bikes in the car after washing them but M’s were put away behind a pile of things that I couldn’t get it out easily enough to bother then. I tried again yesterday feeling sorry for M, but gave up after a few attempts. Dad tried again today and succeeded finally, but we were back home by then.

So we had an outing to Bukit Kiara Park today. Everyone, even A had their own bikes,  except for myself and poor M. She’s old enough to not be bothered by it and had a ride on H’s for a bit anyway.  A enjoyed it tremendously.  Hboy could ride a bike now,  been a few days now. H is still struggling a bit, she’ll get in insya Allah,  but she’s a bit apprehensive since younger Hboy could ride before her. She’s not far behind though.

No pics! I was too busy pushing A’s pedal-less bike I bought her. She’s not tall enough for it yet her toes are just touching the ground. I’d love to buy her a trike, but I am holding back.

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So the kids got involved in BASF experiments again. What a shame M’s name got missed out. I don’t know what happened, most probably the only registration didn’t go through and I didn’t realise. There was no e-mail confirmation of names, so we never found out until the day..urghh, poor M.

So only H and Hboy did the experiments this year. M did join the BASF programmes for the past two years, but then the experiments are different from previous years’. I still have not looked through the booklets to find out what experiments they did, and it was not much use asking them to explain. I’ll try again some time, and see if they retained and understood anything.

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