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Poetry Lesson Plans

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I’m so happy to have finally found free lesson plans for poetry. we’ve borrowed Driscoll’s poetry book from TTDI library and another better one (title of book!) from MBPJ lib, but both have missing CDs!

Anyway, here’s the link! : Poetryarchive Lesson Plans

I’m so happy as there are also accompanying audio files, and lesson plans for KS1-KS5 (British Curicullum), again I prefer British spelling, so this is great for us!

I seem to remember Montessori Print Shop selling lessons on different types of poetry too.

Edit: We use First Language Lessons and a fellow mummy has put together the poems in fll as printables! You can easily use these even if one does not use FLL. Get the printables from homeschoolcreations

Edit 2: Here’s another free printable on cinquain.

Also some more potential freebies on teaching poetry/language generally

Edit3: Looks like this is even more comprehensive than poetryarchive but not sure quality wise


Poetry Printables from FLL

May 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Cool! If you don’t like First Language Lesson’s approach to grammar, at least the poetry collections might be useful and suitable according to your child’s grade level. So the link above is to printables of the poems in FLL, all decorated, really cool mama! 🙂 I should thank her.

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