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Buta Mata

Album : Yang Dirindu
Munsyid : Nadamurni


Buta mata tak nampak jalan di dunia
Kerana tidak nampak cahaya
Tidak tahu ke mana hendak dituju
Ke hilir atau ke hulu

Selamatlah di dunia fana ini
Bilamana mata tidak buta
Melalui pengalaman diri
Kerana jalan itu sudah biasa

Ada pedoman yang menunjuk kita
Tongkat di tangan membantu jua
Boleh jadi orang simpati yang membawa
Tapi jika buta hati menderita

Tidak nampak jalan menuju ke akhirat
Negeri yang kekal abadi
Tidak diukur, tidak diukur dengan mata
Kerana tiada kawan yang membantu
Tiada pengalaman yang memastikannya
Tiada pedoman menunjuk kita
Tidak ada yang simpati menolong kita
Dalam kegelapan terjun ke neraka

Menderita di negeri yang abadi
Tidak kembali ke dunia lagi
Tiada gunanya penyesalan diri
Oleh itu banyakkan ‘amal dan bakti

via : Nadamurni – Buta Mata.

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Introducing Children at Play « Sarah Jane Studios Blog

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Introducing Children at Play « Sarah Jane Studios Blog.

Really gorgeous fabric!

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Communicating ideas (Information Design)

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I found these really cool sites on different graphs/visualisation methods (information design), elegantly laid out to look like the periodic table, just mouse over the ‘elements’ for beautiful examples of the different methods:

and more links and info from this: The site ( itself is impressive, all advocacy stuff laid out in a visually pleasing manner.

Some of the free softwares listed:

  • inkscape
  • the gimp/gimpshop
  • scribus
  • pdfcreator

all this in my search for a site for making free flip books, anyone know?

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Moving & more crayon roll + tutorial

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want these hanging on the art display line dividing M's, H's, H2's work.

Interested? Look up the free tutorial at Moonstitches.

Also, more crayon rolls to drool over:

made by Val from frugfamilyfun using a pattern bought from JCasa’s Etsy Store.

and here’s a really simple free tutorial by Val herself.

more bird browsing…and frugal crafts!

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A great idea from FrugalFamilyFunBlog:

and somemore:

this is really what M and H would love,their own sewing kit!

Farm Bag Take-a-long

Quilt Colour Match

Travel Kitchen Set

A prolific Montessori Mum – Counting Coconuts

June 5, 2011 2 comments

Check out their classroom/play area!

with a cool homemade school calendar:

She has loads of DIY MOntessori all laid out clearly here. Some that I like, and could probably make:


Buttoning turkey feathers craft to make – really cool!

Drawstring Bags tutorial link, I’ve been wanting these for sooo.. long.

So cool and inspiring to have tried spinning yarn.

and a link to 1+1+1=1 tot books: These are really cool!

Crafts, games and fun!

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