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Semperit & cookies

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, I tried the cookie recipe and was eyeing the semperit ‘cos mama22beas post make them sound so easy to make, thanks!


This is her shortbread recipe, in her own words:

“1 stick of good unsalted butter, 1/4 cup brown sugar and about 11/2 cup of flour, some rice floor, some vanilla and a pinch of salt.”

Another excerpt from her Semperit posting:

“As not to get the dough to rise, I didn’t even sift the flour. I only add the soften butter bit by bit till I get soft dough, that I could just pipe it from a piping bag.”

“The recipe basically is for a part of cornflour (always use good quality one, I used Brown and Polson), you need about 1/4 of plain flour, and 1/4 of icing sugar (depends on how sweet you want it), egg yolk (when mixed with the flour and sugar, enough to make it like breadcrumbs) and finally the addition of butter (good quality also), just enough to make it soft dough.”

Also she recommends the wilton 6b nozzle.

Bila mau try, so malu to see a full time mama doing more than a SAHM…hehheh..ekteli also supposed to be full-time student, tapi itu belakang


Note: A stick is about 113g, that’s about half the slab of butter usually sold in supermarkets here in Malaysia (Fernleaf’s 225g if I’m not mistaken).

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Apple crumble

May 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Did apple crumble last night, that’s the second time and I made it too sweet for my liking!
Followed the recipe in the children’s cook book I bought at MPH recently, highly recommend the book, my daughter now begs to help me cook..he…he..I need all the nudge I need. Today? Maybe brownies, if we’re lucky..:-P

Now…to find the book..

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