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Books this month (*th July 2011, due 11th August) – TTDI Library

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

TTDI Library

  1. Factfinders Junior Atlas
  2. Gunung Berapi dan Gempa Bumi oleh Terry Jennings – it’s in Malay, so I thought it would appeal to M more, I like the science projects realted to volcanoes and geology/minerology in general. Havent’t done any, and boooks are due!
  3. Restless Earth by Terry Jennings – big, clear fonts, good diagrams and pics, covers a whole lot on volcanoes, types galore.
  4. Our Planet: Earth (Belitha Press) – I like the step-by-step  illustration on how Earth was formed
  5. Marvellous Maths – Multiplication (Cherrytree Books)
  6. Ginger by Charlotte Voake – kids are into cats now, but there’s a phrase in this book: “Naughty cat!”, H2 took a liking to saying it these days, esp. when he sees a cat! Oh well.

Books this month (11th July 2011, due 25th July) – TTDI Library

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

TTDI Library

  1. The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills
  2. I am a Hippo by Linda Bygrave, Illustrated by Andy Cooke
  3. Mari Kita berpantun (2) oleh Zanariah Mohd. Dahalan, Ilustrasi oleh Ibrahim Mohd. Said (DBP)
  4. Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain by Edward Ardizzone
  5. Siapa Pencuri oleh Jamilah Hj. Bujang
  6. Al-Qur’an untuk kanak-kanak oleh Dr.Abdul Rauf
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