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May 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So I would say that today was a home ed success 😀

M came down this morning with a butterfly poetry book this morning, and read it out loud, so that’s reading checked. The book: Butterflies Fly (Yvonne Winer)

H also went through her Aulad magazines I bought from klibf (whole years of back issues, cheap!) doing Malay reading, writing, English spelling, although I thought it was too hard for her. Did it all with big sis, as she’s skimping school due a bad cough.

H2 did an aeroplane with lego, he’s a boy toddler, so that’s what he does.

Then we all watched butterflies metamorphose on youtube, and chicken embryos in eggs grow to boot. M and I felt a bit quesy eating eggs at dinnertime after that. We just found out that the hard nodular thingy in a raw egg is the start of a chick, that’s what we think anyway..

I think H went on to do her Aulad thing, I really think she’s ready to do workbook type lessons, and I adore GALT workbooks, but I can’t find them locally anymore. Kicking myself for being too skimpy when I found some in ELC, the Curve, it was on sale even, but I didn’t see a need for it then, at that moment, and now..well, there’s internet shopping. Thing is I didn’t think much of the Galt workbooks then, except that they passed my standards, little did I know that i came to realise how useful the workbooks are really, and M had already gone over hers with pencil and colour pencil, tried erasing but it’s not the same, and the stickers are all used. H loves stickers, H2 even more so.

Back to our day, then I browsed some more and suggested M do a butterfly booklet from enchantedlearning. Back in our own house, with printer and computer all ready powered up, I probably would have printed the book, and M wouldn’t have had much to do but read and copy really simple 4-5 word sentences, well below her ability. But as we had it, we’re at Tok’s house, so she had to draw the whole outline of the butterfly book, well I did that for her, she did the rest of the booklet based on this. I suggested she chose a butterfly species she liked from the book she read, she chose the Indian leaf (kallima inachus) and did that butterfly as the outline of her booklet.

The booklet took up much of her time, H2 played bicycle outside, H joined in bothering H2 much of the time. Sometime in the day H2 looked up a poster we have on alphabets and did some beginning letter sounds exercises in English. She did quite well, although I was never keen on introducing English phonics, as I wasn’t with English spelling that she was exposed to earlier in the Aulad magazine. I thought that it would confuse her as we converse primarily in Malay, and she’s not that proficient yet in Malay reading. Anyway, the material’s there, and I just let her do what she wants, when it comes to learning, most of the time.

In between all that we did salah (prayers), and some Qur’an reading and some hifdh for M after Zuhr, H did her Iqra’, a page a day. M usually reads a page of Qur’an, although she did two today, hifdh: 1 page revision Juz Amma, 1 page revision Yaa Seen, revision al-Mulk, Memorisation: 1-3 ayah al-Mulk/Juz Amma, I’m not sure what the arrangement is exactly as Dad keeps tab on that. And i surprised myself by reading some, I should arm myself with the virtues of reading the Qur`an, memorising it etc. It helps. Anyway, I’m behind on hifdh,and have yet to implement this.

Oh H also dictated something Malay on butterflies, which I wrote on a piece of paper for her to copy onto her notebook. I wanted to write it in her book, and have her copy it again, but she was truly against that, my H. To top it all, she didn’t even get to writing it all out, she did though draw a butterfly of her own in her notebook. I thought what she dictated in malay was quite good, it went something like:

Ini rama-rama saya. Saya suka rama-rama saya. Saya sayang rama-rama saya.

and something else about feeding it which I didn’t write down and it ended with something about the butterfly being beautiful. Cute 🙂

So that was our day. Maghrib, eat, Isya’, sleep…and I naturally browsed some more and found:
Photographs of Malaysian butterflies and their lifecycle
Another site with pics of common Malaysian butterflies
Great, quite extensive, academic with pics of eggs and larvae even for some species I browsed, a site on butterflies on the Malay peninsular, the link displays my bid to find the name of the yellow butterflies we are blessed with in our garden.
So I gave up and looked up the genus of the plant that yellow butterfly’s been feeding on, and it’s called of all names Turk’s cap (Malvaviscus arboreus)

and naturally wished I had these books:
Common Malayan Butterflies

Common Malayan Birds

I might get them if I can’t get my hands on a good reference book from the library, or just live with what’s on the internet.

Maybe we’ll do this: Butterfly Body Parts tomorrow, good site, but with a lot of broken links, still good though I think, the lesson plans are good.
this link of theirs is a butterfly discovery game!
the site had craft ideas to boot, the idea’s great but I found my own origami butterfly links. (easy, for 4yrs+)

liked this, simple explanation on the lifecycle

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