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MEP maths & Astronomy

August 5, 2010 2 comments

I set up this site as a record for all the library books borrowed, sort of a homeschooling diary too, with book reviews/ site reviews as such, also other thoughts on education..anyway, the library visits have been scarce lately..anyway here’s a start on recording what I’ve done so far, and hopefully sort of a plan to start cosmic edu (Montessori idea), my style..

For maths, I’ve started to use the Mathematics Enhancement Programme (Primary Extension)

It’s really good in the sense that it’s complete for primary, I see secondary up to A-Levels math lessons, complete with tests for each stage. This program is based on the hungarian syllabus but is made to fit the UK curicullum at each stage, it’s free and schools have even adopted this program in the UK and around the world including Alice Smith, how about that? And it’s free

a wealth of math resources in the parent page, math application, misconceptions, puzzles, you have to browse to find those that are suitable for your child’s age. I especially like this for shape definitions.

Astronomy sites:
Coloring :nice b/w seas of the moon here
Sky MapsThis is a really good site with free monthly star charts for us earthlings living near the equator. Usually you get maps for the northern hemisphere, lucky to get southern, and now equatorial courtesy of this site, and an extra page to help real amateurs locate interesting bodies up there..

Zoo in the sky This is a really good book, to introduce the constellations to your child, nice illustrations and storyline.

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