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Montessori Zoology, and other elementary stage Montessori ideas

April 9, 2013 Leave a comment

So I’m overwhelmed by the work and inspired by what other mummies have done, and dream the perfect place for my kids and er.. myself. Before I ramble on, her’s an excellent blog for elementary (that is primary level for Malaysians) from a Montessori viewpoint: called Montessori Muddle. Great site so far for zoology, specifically insects and nature study, this is only from a brief glance.

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Addition with base 10 blocks

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Multiplication using a paper checkerboard

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Montessori Resources (and free ones too)

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

In my search for the Montessori Curriculum, I first found Monteaco to be useful for the 3-6, 6-9 age range (the 9-12 link still goes to the 6-9 page).

Then I found Hainstock’s book for the early years and for the school years in Playcentre Library, got a hold of the early years from Kino, and Teach Me to do It Myself (Maya Pitamic) to boot. So we did some of the activities, but the equipment/materials I made got stuffed away in the kitchen or in boxes, so that was that. So now I’ve blocked off a section of my mum’s living room and of my own room to (hide) away the materials (ha..ha..). We have taken over my mum’s place, I’m not sure whether she’s horrified or pleased, but anyway, we have things to do 🙂

I then found the NAMC blog and website. Really extensive albums, but for a song! What I did was painstakingly opened all the TOC that was up for review and compiled them as an extensive to-do list of activities from 0-12 years of age, real worth the effort if I may say so myself, but I’m afraid putting it up might infringe copyright. There are also Montessori International Reasearch Department ( albums that are really extensive but without pics!
(not my thing, visual learner here). KarenTylers’ albums are cheaper, Karen Tyler’s I probably found around the same time as NAMC’s, but only entered my conciousness as something viable and worth using only recently. There were also other albums made by individuals which I skimmed, as I did with Karen Tyler’s that may be worth looking at. Recently I did consider buying the art surriculum from here: ,but we’ll see. As I said to a friend, I’m practically drowning in curriculum, so I’m putting a stop to curriculum buying for the moment.

Then I found, what a blessing! They have whole albums for 3-9 year olds online! This I have in pdf form, though I forgot which free online software I used to do it, only after sending it to a friend did I realise I missed practically most of the culture section, so still working on that. The only thing is, even in pdf form the brown background is still there, so I decided against printing, since a whole lot of black ink will be wasted in doing so.  It’s just easier to browse in pdf than wait for things to load while online. Finally, there’s freemontessori, I felt super blessed having found this site, and even though I don’t know the person who have graciously shared his albums for 3-12 year olds (maybe it’s a higher range than that), it is the most useful free album I have found so far. The only thing it doesn’t have is the cultural album. An alternative is getting a free one by signing up at livingmontessori, and an e-mail will be sent with a free geography album, strictly speaking not a complete cultural album though,only the geography part, no zoology, botany, cosmic education etc.

So far that’s how I got into collecting montessori albums online. I would recommend both of Hainstock’s books mentioned above for quick easy reference, but the school years are out of print and thus hard to find (haven’t scored one myself).

One other Montessori resources such as 3part cards, and other free online materials generous parents,mostly mummies have put onlineto share, I shall add to below from time to time inshaAllah (God willing).

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Lillard Study

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Lillard Study.

Ramadhan Story Book, Moon Phases

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

we read Fatima’s First Fast tonight:

didn’t finish it, just read it halfway.

and explored the meaning of taqwa, from wiki(!):

According to Tafsir ibn Kathir, the root meaning of taqwa is to avoid what one dislikes. It was reported that Umar bin Khattab asked Ubay ibn Kaab about Taqwa. Ubay said, “Have you ever walked on a path that has thorns on it?” Umar said, “Yes.” Ubay asked, “What did you do then?” to which Umar replied, “I rolled up my sleeves and struggled.” Ubay said, “That is taqwa, to protect oneself from sin through life’s dangerous journey so that one can successfully complete the journey unscathed by sin.”

Ibn Abbas said about verse 2:5 in the Quran, “guidance for the Muttaqin”, that it means, “They are the believers who avoid shirk with Allah (swt) and who work in His obedience.” He also said that Al-Muttaqin means, “Those who fear Allah’s (swt) Punishment, which would result if they abandoned the true guidance that they recognize and know. They also hope in Allah’s (swt) Mercy by believing in what He revealed.”

and also looked at the moon (it’s 5th of Shaaban, 7th July) it’s a waxing crescent, but as I’m writing, it now says the moon has entered the first quarter and here’s is one of the best visual explanations of moon phases I’ve seen, unfortunately it’s not public domain, so no cut&pasting here 😦

here’s a similar diagram:
Moon Phases

from this page, with more explanations on seasons, eclipses,solstice,equinox etc.

and a moon calendar for one’s own locality.

Buttoning felt flowers

June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve never bothered or thought that I should bother with a lot of the Montessori practical life equipments, as they are mostly as you go and as you grow up kind of activities that I think really don’t need to be set up or prepared so much at home, as they do in a school setting. This thinking is slowly changing when I see these really frugal, prolific, creative mamas churning out really crafty ideas like this one:

An original idea from Chasing Cheerios, it’s good to have kids playing and refining their motorskills, while learning to button up all in one go!

Oh, and I love this alphabet bean bags, with velcroed pictures to match them with! 🙂

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