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Montessori Preschool – Math, Birds, Planting, Motor Skills

May 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Overview of Montessori Math Curicullum

Planting a Flower Garden

Montessori-inspired Easter Activities

Exploring South America

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Montessori NAMC Curicullum/Albums – H2’s current stage

May 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been focusing so much on M and H these days, I feel H2 is neglected in terms of acquiring skills and learning. Well, he’s happily cycling the tricycle and doing lego, menggentel plasticine (like playdough), roleplaying/acting with his sisters, maybe it’s not all that bad. However, a lot can still be done.

So I went to the NAMC site, and identified that H2 is at the infant-toddler stage. Alhamdulillah, when looking at the TOC of the manuals for infants and toddlers, he seems to be acquiring and have acquired most of the skills he should have for his age. Below is the current checklist for H2. I don’t think I’ll be so rigid, and necessarily be doing all, but they are mostly good ideas. It’s a good list for mummies to do with their 2yo.

So I’ve put a ‘/’ to some of the activities that I think H2 has been exposed to. Once the activity is re-enforced, another ‘/’mark. I think maybe 3 slashes ‘///’ for me means thatH2 is suitably exposed. So there’s the plan!

Oh..added an Islamic Studies list at the end, still working on it.

The Table of Contents for the Infant and Toddler – Twos Manual B


Activity 1: Identifying Pictures of Objects with Unusual or Complex Names
Activity 2: Naming Parts of the Human Body /
Activity 3: Naming Pictures Starting with the Same Phonetic Sound
Activity 4: Naming Objects Starting with the Same Phonetic Sound
Activity 5: Looking at Number Booklets /
Activity 6: Creating a Story from Pictures
Activity 7: Becoming Familiar with Letters and Their Sounds /
Activity 8: Listening to an Audio Book
Activity 9: Using “I Spy” to Practice Identifying
Activity 10: Matching Letters on an Alphabet Board


Activity 1: Opening and Closing Doors Quietly /
Activity 2: Practicing “Please” and “Thank You” //
Activity 3: Pulling Together
Activity 4: Singing the “No” Song and the “Yes” Song
Activity 5: Making Group Art
Activity 6: Recognizing and Describing Emotions /
Activity 7: Planning a Trip
Activity 8: Imitating an Action Story /
Activity 9: Changing Partners
Activity 10: Making Butter Together


Activity 1: Fastening Clothes
Activity 2: Washing Kitchen Objects
Activity 3: Washing Napkins
Activity 4: Preparing Vegetables and Fruit for Cooking and Eating
Activity 5: Making Fruit Salad
Activity 6: Washing Windows and Other Large Objects
Activity 7: Sewing
Activity 8: Taking Apart and Putting Back Together
Activity 9: Polishing
Activity 10: Making Snacks



Activity 1: Sorting Objects by Concept
Activity 2: Matching Pictures by Concept
Activity 3: Carrying Out a Two-day Project
Activity 4: Associating Objects and Numbers
Activity 5: Matching Three Basic Geometrical Shapes /
Activity 6: Transferring Equal Numbers of Objects
Activity 7: Matching Shapes to Outlines
Activity 8: Sorting Events by Sequence
Activity 9: Manipulating a Fraction Puzzle /
Activity 10: Matching Pictures of Parents and Babies


Activity 1: Cutting with Scissors /
Activity 2: Throwing from a Distance /
Activity 3: Using a Hole Puncher
Activity 4: Clamping Clothes Pegs onto a Rim
Activity 5: Transferring Water Using Squeezing Implements
Activity 6: Stringing Objects Using a Cord
Activity 7: Making Building Blocks /
Activity 8: Walking the Line
Activity 9: Transferring Tiny Objects Using Grasping Implements
Activity 10: Transferring Using Spooning Implements /


Activity 1: Matching Objects by Color /
Activity 2: Hunting for Treasure
Activity 3: Pairing Objects According to Color and Pattern
Activity 4: Discriminating between Sizes of Shapes
Activity 5: Painting /
Activity 6: Exploring a Texture Box
Activity 7: Observing Nature Close Up
Activity 8: Experiencing Smell Bags
Activity 9: Growing Plants Outside
Activity 10: Visiting the Bird Feeder /


Quiet when someone is Praying
Listen to the Qur’an

Before Eating //
After Eating
Before Sleeping /
After Sleeping
Before going to the Toilet
After going to the Toilet
Rabbana Aatina /

Basic Iqra’ / huruf

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