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Roman and Waldorf Multiplication

June 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Waldorf Multiplication demonstration, beautiful geometries arising from multiplication.

Doing Waldorf Multiplication on wood, using yarn.

Right-brain math also uses the same method, awesome, better laid out video for 2x and 8x tables:

and this one just blew my mind (can skip to 2:19):

really after all these years I still have trouble remembering my tables, and these are just great. Did you know that 1x and 9x, 2x and 8 x, 3x and 7x, 4x and 6x have the same geometry using this method? There’s a pattern! Notice that the ‘partners’ add up to 10! this made me smile:-D, the beauty of it all..
even though I opted for science streaming in school which eventually led to a degree with a lot applied science, I’m still a right brainer, and numbers crazed me up a bit, so this method is really good for us right brainers.

Also, the 6,7,8,9 timestables using fingers. Just bear with it,I think it’s good although very slow!

Just for amusement, how the Romans did their multiplication with their non-decimal system.


Multiplication Models

May 20, 2011 Leave a comment

shows different multiplication models, I’ve never thought of all my life.

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