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July 27, 2010 2 comments

Looking for which montessori course to go for, I’m so confused, so spent quite some time browsing, actually went to see the MAM president, Aisha Z Abdullah, saw her centre, was interested in the primary level as there are already many interested in preschool, and frankly I haven’t the patience with pre-schoolers, I’m not made for them, but primary age kids..well, I think they’re the age group best suited for my personality.

So I think I may go for the MWEI certified course run by Aishah, sounds good, and although not one of the two main montessori institutions AMI or AMS, but those two are not available here. Only MCI, and that’s already dead in Singapore, and MMI (any feedback on that?), and one other: MWI, that I can’t figure out heads and tails of. Anyway, I’ll still be checking out with students who have graduated, maybe go to segi open day to look at the MCI certified course, oh but then MCI only offers courses for the pre-schooling age. Really I want to go straight to those binomial and trinomial cubes, man my head!

Oh and I was looking for one islamic primary school run by this lady who has opened a montessori kindy in shah alam. Still cannot find lah..

then looked for muslim mummies who are actually homeschooling school aged children. Sorry, I don’t really call what I’m doing now with my kids at preschooling age, homeschooling. Really irks me when I research homeschooling in Malaysia, and they say they homeschool their kids, then I look at the kids age, aiyoo, preschoolers offence la kan..tapi sudah terbiasa masuk forum homeschooling yg for non-muslims la, yg anak2nya 7 tahun ke atas, kalau sebelum tu mmg kebiasaannya kita panggil tadika la kan..hai konfius konfius..

so when I’m looking for muslim homeschooling mamas, I mean those yang memang tak hantar anak sekolah, bukan tak hantar tadika..:-)

so, have to search for that:
bangi mummy,
mummy yg gilir2 homeschool dgn kawan dia
coach sha, is a unique scenario, kudos to her for having things her way!
here’s another unique hs mama: hanz

Yang dah jumpa:
chinese mama, hs sympathiser tapi still hantar anak sekolah, but really nice to talk with
another mama on dsasia, well met her son, sudah lepas o-level by hs!, well have to meet her sometime
aisha from MAM also basically has her children in a centre bukan registered school, commend her for getting what she wants, rather than following the mainstream
also heard of rafflesia hs centre, would love to see that and maybe start one up from home..or a home

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