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Cycling at the park

One of my targets for last year or maybe even the year before was to get H to cycle with just two wheels. Well, having just moved recently gave me a newfound ‘freedom’ (well, dad still came to sleep over last night when hubby was not around, I’m still their baby!) I mean I have slightly more breathing space. Even without a maid,  I feel I achieve more nowadays.

Anyway, I finally got around to getting the kid’s bikes fixed,  well except for M’s, and this is in essence why I hardly ever get anything done while we were staying at my mom’s. I just managed to get H and Hboy’s bikes in the car after washing them but M’s were put away behind a pile of things that I couldn’t get it out easily enough to bother then. I tried again yesterday feeling sorry for M, but gave up after a few attempts. Dad tried again today and succeeded finally, but we were back home by then.

So we had an outing to Bukit Kiara Park today. Everyone, even A had their own bikes,  except for myself and poor M. She’s old enough to not be bothered by it and had a ride on H’s for a bit anyway.  A enjoyed it tremendously.  Hboy could ride a bike now,  been a few days now. H is still struggling a bit, she’ll get in insya Allah,  but she’s a bit apprehensive since younger Hboy could ride before her. She’s not far behind though.

No pics! I was too busy pushing A’s pedal-less bike I bought her. She’s not tall enough for it yet her toes are just touching the ground. I’d love to buy her a trike, but I am holding back.

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