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Lillard Study

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Lillard Study.


GALT workbooks

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Grr..don’t know where my post went. Still haven’t worked out how to back up onto harddisk, and possibly edit offline to boot, oh well, history, shall not! repeat itself.

So I’m still smitten with the GALT workbooks,but they’ve gone over the RM10 price I’m used to getting them for. Last time I saw them was at ELC, the Curve (what was ELC) on sale for RM15, and I didn’t buy them, thinking I’ll get them from mytoysandbooks, alas they don’t carry ’em no more.

So I’m still hesitating and went off on a workbook spree buying here and there and STILL not as satisfied with all of them as I am with GALT,so I might just fork out the extra money and get them from the UK. So now, I should sell off the said workbooks I’m not happy with.

Oh, I should mention that one can get a few of the workbooks from which I have done, but I still want to get the other ones! (especially First Writing). Come to think of it, there is another workbook M worked on that I thought was OK, on multiplication, by ladybird if I’m not mistaken.


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Books this month (*th July 2011, due 11th August) – TTDI Library

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

TTDI Library

  1. Factfinders Junior Atlas
  2. Gunung Berapi dan Gempa Bumi oleh Terry Jennings – it’s in Malay, so I thought it would appeal to M more, I like the science projects realted to volcanoes and geology/minerology in general. Havent’t done any, and boooks are due!
  3. Restless Earth by Terry Jennings – big, clear fonts, good diagrams and pics, covers a whole lot on volcanoes, types galore.
  4. Our Planet: Earth (Belitha Press) – I like the step-by-step  illustration on how Earth was formed
  5. Marvellous Maths – Multiplication (Cherrytree Books)
  6. Ginger by Charlotte Voake – kids are into cats now, but there’s a phrase in this book: “Naughty cat!”, H2 took a liking to saying it these days, esp. when he sees a cat! Oh well.

Book Review: Groovy Geometry..and other book ramblings :-)

July 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I actually wrote, rather rambled on about books, and the browser crashed. This is not the first time, either! I’m wishing I had my own site on my harddrive and uploaded like in the good old days, I haven’t even worked out how to back up this wp site/log, so uninformed and unprepared, shd do summit bout it. SO I thought I lost my post, and her I am amalgamating two posts into one.

So, I splurged and bought all of Lynette Long’s Magical Math Series, one of them is  Groovy Geometry by Lynette Long. I love it, I think I’m really visual/spatial dominant, so books that have readable fonts, well laid out with activities starting on a new page, diagrams,pictures,tables galore, those are MY type of books. I don’t read Tolkien or Shakespeare, and that extends to text books with NO pictures/diagrams, just words! I just can’t turn the page.

Lynette Long’s Math Magic is simply laid out, easy to read/to refer to, no sieving through jungles of text (uggh!) to get it, simple like another of my favorites of readable books: Hainstock’s Montessori, I like it!

It’s also excellent in content, we’ve already played one game: the right angle scavenger hunt, which is even suitable and playable by H, who’s only 4 going on 5 this year. That’s saying a lot, as I’ve been sitting on a few of those ‘jungle’ books. I should list them to sell ASAP for more ‘readable’ books..aha! :-p

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Books this month, 2nd visit (June 2011) – National Science Centre Library

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

PSN/NSC Library

  1. Time to get up by Susan Hellard
    • a simple but excellent rhyming book, my kids  have basically memorised the whole book, I don’t talk to them in English, so that’s saying something..I think this and the Freddie toddler books have improved H’s English reading (she’s 4), interestingly the sheep illustration reminds me of the book ‘Sheep in a Shop‘, which we have (somewhere..*sigh*)
  2. Freddie Learns to Swim by Nicola Smee – H2, my boy, loves the whole Freddie series, that said I’ve only read to him the simpler of the lot, Freddie gets dressed (his fav), and freddie goes to the beach (our current read).
  3. Space and Planets (Time-Life’s Illustrated World of Science) – I didn’t notice M read this much, if at all.
  4. Maria’s Comet by Deborah Hopkinson & Deborah Lanino – I love this book for several reasons, the illustration, the fact it’s based on a real person,
  5. Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How to Master Everyday Math Problems in Seconds by Scott Flansburg – I had this book when I was in secondary and only got through the addition lessons before the book was put away while I went to boarding school, tak tau mana dah buku tu..sungguh happee to see it in the NSC library, M at 8 can do them, still we haven’t got through the book
  6. Birds,Birds,Birds (Natural Wildlife Federation)
  7. Astronomy Adventures (Ranger Rick's NatureScope) Astronomy Adventures (Natural Wildlife Federation)
  8. 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Raise a Child Who Loves Science & Nature (50 Simple Things Series) by Marion Brisk
    • liked it, good ideas, readable, easy reference, but still didn’t get me off the comp to do them..ha..except for egg floating, then I think I was only motivated when I saw pics in a blog about it, maybe I should just refer to that blog every week..
  9. Belair Active Science 5  by Patricia Young
    • said to be for ages 9-10, but with minor mod can be suitable for younger ages too. I like it as it has diagrams, readable, don’t have to refer other books to get started like one other book i just bought…
  10. rocket book
  11. dad’s Discovering geometry by Serra – quite good, but exercises are advanced,maybe some intermediate, and sporadic primary
  12. 5 equations that changed the world

Books this month (June 2011) – TTDI Library

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

TTDI Library

  1. Multiplying and Dividing – Maths Magic by Clemson & Clemson
    •  some ok activities, good for a library shelf, wouldn’t buy myself
  2. A Child's Introduction to the... A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations–and How You Can Find Them in the Sky by Michael Driscoll, Meredith Hamilton (Illustrator)
    • the star map is for the northern hemisphere and is cellotaped in between the flap and front cover anyway, so no exploring the chart..haven’t see M reading it yet..
  3. Mengenali Planet by Jacqueline Mitton, Terjemahan Zubaidah Abdul Rahman
    •  just to expose to the Arabic naes of planets and for an easier read for M, some of the English books on this subject is a put off for her.
  4. Imran Kawanku by Ghazali Ngah Azia
    •  M read this and enjoyed it, a good book by a familiar author, I think I’ve read his books as a child, good for my 8 yo, not too many unknown words, just enough to increase her vocab.It’salso written in very good standard even classical Malay, a classic, not like most Malay novels currently spewed out, although good but still not A. Samad Said’s standard kwim?
  5. Peristiwa di Langkawi by Mohd. Tajuddin Hj. Abdul Rahman
    • meant for H to read, but really not enganging enough for a beginner reader
  6. Ancaman Bawah Tanah by Suriana Syazleen
    • two in one story and facts book in Malay about Earth Geology, good exposure to M for better understanding of the earth structure, volcanoes, earthquakes, rock types and earth’s position in the solar system. Note that  pluto is still a planetin this book!

So, I gave M a notebook for writing out the book title, author and to list new vocabulary to look up in the dictionary. No summarising or questions yet. She goes to school for most of the day, ,so not much time for exploring much.

Birds in Our Garden

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment

So, M wants to do something on birds in our garden. I’ve managed to capture 3 species on camera within our house compound.

Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Passer montanus
Ciak Eurasia/Pipit rumah

The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Vol. 3, Prof. Dr.Yong Hoi Sen, pg. 99
 Mari Mengenal Nama Burung, FEP International Sdn.Bhd. (pipit), pg.27

Olive-backed Sunbird / Yellow-breasted Sunbird
Nectarinia jugularis
Kelichap Bukit

The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Vol. 3, Prof. Dr.Yong Hoi Sen, pg.8
 Mari Mengenal Nama Burung, FEP International Sdn.Bhd.only has kelicap pisang, pg.22

*pic to upload*

The third species is peaceful dove

Geopelia striata

 The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Vol. 3, Prof. Dr.Yong Hoi Sen,pg.53

Initially I thought of a nature journal, but it was hot and the birds would not get close enough for us to have a good look. Anyway, my mum kept this book, a book I had as a child. It’s published in 1980 and there’s a whole series, of which I can only see ‘Mari Mengenal Alat Musik’ on the book shelf. Both are really good, and I have not been able to find anything similar on common Malaysian birds for kids except for a MNS publication, also an old book I used to check out from PJ Playcentre.

So M drew a pipit from the book,and I drew for H with lines pointing to various parts for her to label in Malay. M labeled hers in English based on this and this. But now I’ve come across this, which looks better:

I feel guilty not including H2 in the activity, he could have done mock feather cutting or something. He just watched in earnest as the sisters drew on.

So later, if M is up to it maybe more info collecting:

I’ll probably dictate notable facts of the birds and have her write them down.

Then we’ll probably discuss characteristics of a bird, pre-classification. MontessoriMaterials have some freebies for studying birds. The 6-9 yo printout includes listing the bird families. We haven’t started animal classification formally yet, and will probably skip that until later.

Update: we did some eggsperiments floating eggs in salt the next day (today). Then H asked if it would work with sugar.Thankfully I obliged, and guess what, the egg floats! What’s funny is when I asked where the sugar/salt went, H said it went up, like turned into air (gas)..he..I thought that was cute. Some more prompts and simple explanations. I refrained from saying the egg floated because the water is heavier, yes it’s heavier now within the same volume, i.e it’s denser. I just said there’s so much ‘stuff’, i.e salt/sugar dissolved in the water that it now can support the egg, making it float.

For more ideas on birds/eggsperiments:



Bird Song:
Kelicap Bukit
a list of bird songs recorded in Malaysia

Pictures of Malaysian birds:
more Malaysian bird pics online here (not my pics):

Although I’m no adventis, but these Youth Honours (Birds) info available online are impressive, similar in concept to earning scout badges I think:

Classification of Birds is discussed, as is parts of the birds are detailed in the Advanced Honours. I think they provide a good basis to work on. So all I need to do now is to put more Malaysian birds in, and put in Qur’an verses.

Al-Mulk (Dominion)

(أَوَلَمْ يَرَوْا إِلَى الطَّيْرِ فَوْقَهُمْ صَافَّاتٍ وَيَقْبِضْنَ مَا يُمْسِكُهُنَّ إِلَّا الرَّحْمَنُ إِنَّهُ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ بَصِيرٌ (67:19

# 67:19 (Asad) Have they, then, never beheld the birds above them, spreading their wings and drawing them in? None but the Most Gracious upholds them: for, verily, He keeps all things in His sight.

I think Syed Qutb intrepreted the longer (mad) in صَافَّاتٍ  to represent the way a bird spends more time spreading their wings and the وَيَقْبِضْنَ read shorter to represent the shorter flap of the wings while drawing them in. Have to check that, but I don’t have tafsir Syed Qutb on hand atm. Wallahua’lam.

Stories on birds in the Qur’an (put bird in Qur’an search):

Fellow prisoner of Prophet Yusuf a.s. pecked by a bird
Birds singing praise (tasbeeh) with Prophet Daud a.s.
Prophet Ibrahim putting bird parts on 4 hills, and Allah putting them together again into a bird.
Prophet Sulaiman and Hud-hud
Ababil in Surah Al-Fiil
Raven ( غُرَابًا) which scratched the Earth showing Qabil to bury Habil. Al-Ma’idah:31

Finally I’d recommend this Book of Life we have, I’ll come back with details. It’s really thorough starting with Prehistoric Animals, then covering Birds, Insect, Reptiles, Mammals, the Human Body..

Fellow prisoner of Prophet Yusuf a.s. pecked by a bird
Birds singing praise (tasbeeh) with Prophet Daud a.s.
Prophet Ibrahim putting bird parts on 4 hills, and Allah putting them together again into a bird.
Prophet Sulaiman and Hud-hud
Ababil in Surah Al-Fiil
Raven غُرَابًاin the story of Habil and Qabil 5:31

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