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April 10, 2014 Leave a comment


Hifdh- Al-Hadid


BM kbsr – peribahasa, isi utama & huraian





Science kbsr

Math- GALT Multipliclation


Hifdh- ad-Duha (need to remember to do revision with all my kids..)

Math-addition with carrying, hundreds using base 10 blocks

Reading BM and Arabic – drawing based on what was read

Du’a waking up

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Museum Trip

March 6, 2014 Leave a comment


We went last Tuesday, on the 4th of March, for the Look & Find activity at the National Museum. We were given worksheets with pictures of some of the artifacts on display. It was a brief introduction into history, from plate tectonics, a bit on ice age and sea levels, prehistorical human remains,stone age tools, cave drawings, pottery then bronze and iron age, the start of trade and so on. It was nice as a prelude to my attempt at introducing history to the children.

I’ve been forever looking at Story of the World, and not quite buying it, and just as I’m getting on to it, I met a fellow homeschooling mum who has actually gone through the first volume, and they live nearby! Good to meet other homeschoolers, and working mums homeschooling!

I remember seeing the copper reliefs when I was a child, but no pics taken, since they were mostly reliefs of people, Hang Tuah etc.

Picture courtesy of MHsN President 🙂

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