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GALT workbooks

Grr..don’t know where my post went. Still haven’t worked out how to back up onto harddisk, and possibly edit offline to boot, oh well, history, shall not! repeat itself.

So I’m still smitten with the GALT workbooks,but they’ve gone over the RM10 price I’m used to getting them for. Last time I saw them was at ELC, the Curve (what was ELC) on sale for RM15, and I didn’t buy them, thinking I’ll get them from mytoysandbooks, alas they don’t carry ’em no more.

So I’m still hesitating and went off on a workbook spree buying here and there and STILL not as satisfied with all of them as I am with GALT,so I might just fork out the extra money and get them from the UK. So now, I should sell off the said workbooks I’m not happy with.

Oh, I should mention that one can get a few of the workbooks from bookdepository.com which I have done, but I still want to get the other ones! (especially First Writing). Come to think of it, there is another workbook M worked on that I thought was OK, on multiplication, by ladybird if I’m not mistaken.


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