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Book Review: Groovy Geometry..and other book ramblings :-)

I actually wrote, rather rambled on about books, and the browser crashed. This is not the first time, either! I’m wishing I had my own site on my harddrive and uploaded like in the good old days, I haven’t even worked out how to back up this wp site/log, so uninformed and unprepared, shd do summit bout it. SO I thought I lost my post, and her I am amalgamating two posts into one.

So, I splurged and bought all of Lynette Long’s Magical Math Series, one of them is  Groovy Geometry by Lynette Long. I love it, I think I’m really visual/spatial dominant, so books that have readable fonts, well laid out with activities starting on a new page, diagrams,pictures,tables galore, those are MY type of books. I don’t read Tolkien or Shakespeare, and that extends to text books with NO pictures/diagrams, just words! I just can’t turn the page.

Lynette Long’s Math Magic is simply laid out, easy to read/to refer to, no sieving through jungles of text (uggh!) to get it, simple like another of my favorites of readable books: Hainstock’s Montessori, I like it!

It’s also excellent in content, we’ve already played one game: the right angle scavenger hunt, which is even suitable and playable by H, who’s only 4 going on 5 this year. That’s saying a lot, as I’ve been sitting on a few of those ‘jungle’ books. I should list them to sell ASAP for more ‘readable’ books..aha! :-p

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