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Ladies/Girls Swimming hunting

So I was looking for swimming lesson for dd1..

and these are the contenders so far:

  • Supersharkz -Shah Alam /Pandamaran, RM120/2hr/week = RM60/hr by ex-national swimmer couple
  • Learn2swim – Kelab Golf Danau, Bangi, separate times for 5-6 yrs, 7-17 yrs, and men/women swimming lessons
  • Seal Sunway Swimming – really cheap with an offer at RM220/12 hours = RM18/hr, open for 6yrs above
  • Aquadolf – PJ, 3-6yrs,RM200/6classes=RM33/class, 7-12 yrs, RM125/4hrs/month =~RM32/hr OR Rm350/3months = RM29/hr
  • there’s also a private instructor, I think a lady from the e-mail: salmiahbs-at-yahoo-dot-com OR selesa33-at-yahoo-dot-com, even has her(?) phone no. onsite, but too lazy to lookup my history now for the site web add

btw, all the above lessons are in the klang valley. I’m aiming for aquadolf for lessons for my dd and possibly a dip in with my toddler as well, since instructors are ladies. also looking for other mummies to join in with their daughters learning, kalau boy,  if > 4yo, I’m not comfy la with swimming clothes on to dip in skali, but mummies in pool just for fun is still in discussion anyway..


finally got a reply from aquadolf. no more swimming classes! 😦 but they may be open to women only swimming,we’ll see..
I’m looking forward to a Muslimah only swimming pool in PJ, inshaAllah it’s due to open in Shawal!

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