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Books this month, 2nd visit (June 2011) – National Science Centre Library

PSN/NSC Library

  1. Time to get up by Susan Hellard
    • a simple but excellent rhyming book, my kids  have basically memorised the whole book, I don’t talk to them in English, so that’s saying something..I think this and the Freddie toddler books have improved H’s English reading (she’s 4), interestingly the sheep illustration reminds me of the book ‘Sheep in a Shop‘, which we have (somewhere..*sigh*)
  2. Freddie Learns to Swim by Nicola Smee – H2, my boy, loves the whole Freddie series, that said I’ve only read to him the simpler of the lot, Freddie gets dressed (his fav), and freddie goes to the beach (our current read).
  3. Space and Planets (Time-Life’s Illustrated World of Science) – I didn’t notice M read this much, if at all.
  4. Maria’s Comet by Deborah Hopkinson & Deborah Lanino – I love this book for several reasons, the illustration, the fact it’s based on a real person,
  5. Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How to Master Everyday Math Problems in Seconds by Scott Flansburg – I had this book when I was in secondary and only got through the addition lessons before the book was put away while I went to boarding school, tak tau mana dah buku tu..sungguh happee to see it in the NSC library, M at 8 can do them, still we haven’t got through the book
  6. Birds,Birds,Birds (Natural Wildlife Federation)
  7. Astronomy Adventures (Ranger Rick's NatureScope) Astronomy Adventures (Natural Wildlife Federation)
  8. 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Raise a Child Who Loves Science & Nature (50 Simple Things Series) by Marion Brisk
    • liked it, good ideas, readable, easy reference, but still didn’t get me off the comp to do them..ha..except for egg floating, then I think I was only motivated when I saw pics in a blog about it, maybe I should just refer to that blog every week..
  9. Belair Active Science 5  by Patricia Young
    • said to be for ages 9-10, but with minor mod can be suitable for younger ages too. I like it as it has diagrams, readable, don’t have to refer other books to get started like one other book i just bought…
  10. rocket book
  11. dad’s Discovering geometry by Serra – quite good, but exercises are advanced,maybe some intermediate, and sporadic primary
  12. 5 equations that changed the world
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