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Months in Islam

What we did today, learning months in Islam (I look I see album). Follow up was supposed to be writing down the day in Hijri & Masihi, but wasn’t done successfully.

These are the months in Islam
(I look, I see – Yusuf Islam and friends)
Rabi’ul Awwal
Rabi’u Thani
These are the months in Islam

Jumadal Uula
Jumaadal Ukhra
Rejab and

Ramadhan 2x and
Zhul Qa’idah and
Zhul Hijjah
These are the months in Islam..

We did some du’a, then H and H2 just played and sang the months song from time to time, even H2. So something stuck.

Offered Waldorfy writing, H did some, should have sat have sat down with her, still not perfect circles, infinities, eights, more work.

Played some skipping, then later badminton with a bean ball, and that rhyming clapping hands thingy on their own.

Only M sat down for some time and continued with her bird unit. We decided to do: types of feet, eggs, beaks, flightless birds and ref of birds in the Qur’an Sunnah. I did prepare question and answers on the above subjects based on the adventist wikibook I mentioned earlier. I would upload it here, as I think it’s useful for elementary and could give some ideas for 3-6 yo, but I think it might violate copyright. Is the Wikibook site copyrighted? Sometimes you only have to refer to the page, I haven’t had the time to burrow through the terms. I did cut and paste quite a bit,added some more bird facts and the Qur’an bit at the end, so no uploading here for now.

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