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Cloth diapering & Cloth pads

So, I cloth diapered my kids, and use cloth pads.

For a start, here’s a list of products I’ve used:

Cloth Pads
Lotus Pads
Sewfussy rainbow pads
homemademama on hyena
MamaPatch cloth pads

Bumgenius Organic OS AIO (~16, snaps)
Bagshot Row Bamboo (a few all snappiable OBF OS, 2 hybrid (?) fleece OS with snaps)
Kooshie Keister (3 OS)
Bububebe (2 all OBV)
Sustainablebabybish bamboo fleece (4 M, 2 L)
granitesmith prefolds (infants & toddler)
indian prefolds from babyloft (newborn & premium, useless la ni, don’t buy)
nanas bottoms (1 NB)


Cotton Bottoms Super Whisper

Imse Vimse (one of each size)
Sustainablebabyish karate pants ( 2 M/L)

My still yet to get, and so hard to get I give up every time
patooshie pants newborns
3 layered 11″x11″ bamboo fleece/velour prefolds OR orange edged/zabi baby, haven’t decided
weehuggers size 1
bumgenius flips with some BG organic prefolds to try
Very Baby NB AIO

size L wool shorties (20″ rise,pref rec. like woollybottoms, wouldn’t mind sbish)
some more BG organics

MotherEase OS
Popolini Bravos OS

unfortunately now both dd2 and ds are wearing disposables ha..ha.. well as an excuse I was in and out of the hospital, now I’m out we’ll be thinking about our health and environment…in time.

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