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Star Gazing in March

been a bit sick lately, but i’m slowly improving 🙂

did some browsing as usual..


astrolabes & Miriam al-Ijli al-Astrulabi, and also arabic star names:

a video on youtube with maryam al-astrulabi at about 8:00 minutes into it:

Arabic star names:

one of the arabic derived names, rigel from rijl (leg):

some of the constellations we saw last night right overhead, before the clouds set in, more on that later:

and i like the pic of canis major at the bottom of this page:


another famous muslim woman fatimah al-fihri, and her sister is maryam:-) :


and as i alluded to before, here’s a written version of our observation of the night sky…err..it has my handwriting and sketches of the constellations we saw on the 24th..well, it’s like a draft…a messy draft, so you might not care to browse if you hate messyness, I’ll just save you sanity by saying that we saw orion, gemini (the twin’s heads at least..ha..ha..) and definitely canis major (the dog) before the clouds set in..:-(

and i wish i could browse this book locally before deciding if it’s a good buy, i’ve wanted to expose my children to islamic arts..maybe we should visit the islamic arts museum first:


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