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Books splurge…overdue post

OK, this is a long due thread. I mean to review the books I’ve read, my dd’s read, and stuff I bought. Anyway, here’s one of the book buys I did from ds

Very sweet mama too, would recommend to buy from her, I thought the books were 2nd hand as in used, but they were as good as new, just 2nd hand in principle since somebody else owned them before! Well, hapy customer here.

List of books I bought:
Magic School Bus Goes Upstream $1
The Cat in the Hat $1
Polar Bears Past Bedtime $1.50
Dolphins at Daybreak $1.50
Afternoon on the Amazon $1.50
Earth, Moon, and Stars $3
Teaching Science Process Skills $3
Usborne Puzzle Train $2
Fossils $1
Math and Science for Young Children $3
Agatha’s Feather Bed .50
Island Boy $1
Let’s Play – Group Games for Preschoolers $3
Thinking Skills Gr 4 $3
Robot Explorers $2
Discovering God’s World Science reader grade 1 $3
When the Rooster Crowed – .25
The Little Engine That Could & the Big Race .75
Thomas and the School Trip – .50
Nurse Nancy – .50
At A Farm – .25
Crosswords and Wordsearches Gr 2-4 $2
Arithmetricks $2

All including shipping was $75, I think it’s a good deal since even with shipping it totals les than what I would pay locally, and these books I couldn’t find locally, not even kino! Really pleased with the magic school bus and magic tree house has made my dd happily reading her first english chapter books! Agatha’s feather bed is good too, I certainly learnt new things. Dd2 really treasures her nurse nancy and cat in the hat, while ds really likes looking at the pictures in the tree house series, so much so dd1 is finding it difficult to read them in his presence..ha..ha..she has to give the books to him or else…well more tantrums etc. that’s my ds..

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