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Crazy book browsing

I have this bad habit of internet browsing using tabs and seeing things I’m interested in which is almost everything, well I’m exaggerating. Anyway, the result is I seem to know a lot about everything but nothing of anything. See, just a dip in here a dip in there, no in-depth knowledge at all. When will this end? I need to focus on something! One surely can’t know everything. I seem to have a jumble of info in my head, unorganised and potentially useful, but not used to the max.

Anyway, here are some of what I’ve been browsing thru, in no particular order!:

1) The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think And How Schools Should Teach (Paperback)
~ Howard E. Gardner

“Since I also am in favor of apprenticeships for students (matching their skills w/ jobs) and taking risks, this book appealed to my own philosophies.” -a reviewer from Amazon.com

2)Teaching Montessori in the Home : The Pre-School Years

OK, bought this at kino, kicking myself for not discovering this book sooner. I need a book that I can skim through for the Montessori philosophy and activities with pics too, yeah I’m a kid at heart 😛 This book delivers man, so thin but have seen use within the first day, oh why don’t others keep it simple!

3) Between Parent and Child: The Bestselling Cla… (Paperback)
by Dr. Haim G. Ginott, Alice Ginott

definitely in my to buy list! I need a damn good library to satiate my book craving ha..ha wah only RM56.68 at kino! so tempting, next trip, need to get a good library or somehow make money for books man books are breaking my bank.

4)Teaching Montessori in the home
borrowed this at the Playcentre, not available at Kino, might make them order, since it’s really good (I actually can make myself to open and skim through the book ha..ha..only Roald Dahl has the cunning ability to keep me glued onto a book from cover to cover, maybe c.s.lewis too, but this book, for a non-fiction is very good in that sense, no small print and activities start on a new page, very easy read!). Just that I’m soo lazy at making the materials.

OK, see how my brain works, here’s a slant off at another site:


did this activity with maryam, and our heads got spinning..hi..hi..

back to books..

5) Child’s Play by Leslie Hamilton

This book is a very easy read, in the same category as hainstock’s books. Activities don’t all start on a new page, but are well divided from each other to be an easy read. And the crafts are short easy to make, usually available at home materials, and are divided into 3 stages of difficulty, very useful for quick selection!
Definitely in my wish list, not available at mph or kino, just amazon, but shipping is horrendously high! so tempted to photocopy, but may just ask kino or mph to order.

6) Child’s Play (6-12): 160 Instant Activities, Crafts, and Science Projects for Grade Schoolers

stumbled upon in amazon, similar to the previous book, only better i guess to include science for older 6-12 yo children.

7)Draw Write Now series

8) The Well Trained Mind, so expensive at Kino RM 162.36!! ok, cheaper at mph for RM135 but have to order.

9)The Story of the World, History for the Classical Child and Ancient Times : from the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor, cheaper at mph for RM65 but have to order meh..

10) so found these at mph pulak..
Writing With Ease for RM110, checking up the review..

ok..i have loads more, but can browse my amazon wish list, have a glimpse at my craziness…he…he…my book addiction!

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