More Books

Our current books from the library, I think we missed listing a few of our previous trips, oh well, here’s the current one:

1. Patterns by David Kirby (heinemann)
Recognising patterns is a fundamental mathematical skill I think one could start introducing at an early age. This book is set for kids ages 9+ but my M (6 yrs) have been working on the exercises with interest although some parts are quite hard, like the pascal’s triangle, all in all a good book!
2. In my Bag (froebel-kan co. ltd)
A board book introducing simple shapes, and engages readers to participate by identifying shapes in the room the characters are currently in.
3.Superstars by Jill Carter and Judy Ling
4.Little Fish goes exploring (illustrated by Gary Haines, Sandcastle books) – A touch and feel board book
5.Giant Treasury of Breer Rabbit (Derrydale Books)
I don’t care much for the breer rabbit series but my dad seems to have a soft spot for them.
6.Christmas time (Ladybird) – I don’t know why dad brought this book home, since we’re not Christians and don’t celebrate Christmas, and there’s already an overload of Christmas ‘happenings’ and advertisements in this country. I don’t feel the same when CNY comes, I don’t mind a bit of “kong si kong si” here and there and don’t feel like CNY is shoved down my throat. I seriously feel there’s a major overload of Christmas here when there are only about 9% christians, giving that hindus make up about 6% and the subdued deepavali adverts and celebrations do not compare at all to Christmas. Just give the celebrations its due ‘percentage’, I say.

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