Dad returned our books while we were away, can’t remember what they were! Some were:

– a science experiments book
– a montessory play book
– The Tree house by ??

When we got back from our hols, there was a pile of new books dad brought back:

1. Man Explores the Sea by Malcolm E. Weiss
2. The Magical Tree House by Douglas Hill
3. The Usborne Books of Science Activities (Usborne)
4. Agaton Sax and the Bank Robbers by Nils-Olof Franzen (Delta Readers 1200 Word Level)
The level of this book is a bit high for M, so I ended up reading the book, and it’s quite ok, being an investigative story, I enjoyed reading it. I think it’s too complicated for a 6 yo tho.
5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Delta Readers 1200 Word Level)
M (6 yrs) can read and explain what she understands although her explanations are in Malay, but I think it takes some effort for her to understand and appreciate this story. As it is, it’s return day and she still has not finished the book after a month. It’s Ramadhan though I guess, and we get quite tied up with other activities this month understandably. I’ll definitely give this boook another try. Definitely exercises M’s grey matter.
6. Jason and the golden fleece.
This is a classic, originally a Greek poem, retold as a short story. I read this and translated into Malay to my nearly 3 yo, and she liked the story. Though I admit I didn’t tell her about all the Goddess Jason and Medea consulted, I didn’t want her to be confused as she hasn’t a clear concept of what God is.

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