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Fluffy Mail: Sbish & Bububebe

Got fluffy mail today! 🙂

-2 pairs of M/L sustainablebayish karate pants in lychee & graphite (97/3 blend)

-2 bububebe, the new lushious all obv in lime and aqua


SBish karate pants

They are not as soft as I’d like them to be, even though they’re the old blend, can’t imagine what the new blend’s like, but I like them! A bit tight around the bum (with bububebe on my dd and bgos organic on my ds), maybe my kids have big bums, but I think since they’re made for babies in cloth they should be made roomier. The colours, especially the lychee, are amazing, i’m in love 😛 I’d be putting the lychee on my ds cos i like ’em he…he…i don’t care what other ppl say. The graphite is a little bit darker than what i would have liked, but they’re still a nice colour, i read that the graphite do have a slight colour variation with different productions/season and i was expecting it to be dark as it looked black in the FSOT posting i got them from. Here’s the post:. Thanks mama! (it just occurred that i don’t even know the name of the mama i got them from, ahh..the online world..apa dah nak jadi..)


The colours are amazing, the feel is amazingly soft, they fit my daughter, and i’m abt to..well ds is cranky and wants to sleep, maybe later..

ok, i’m back and i’ve tried it on my ds, my verdict..they fit a bit strange on both my dd and ds, there’s a bit of material sort of like left over below the flaps and i’m not really sure how it’s going to be a one-size, it’s quite big. I tried the extra tabs to make the diaper smaller, and it became a really tiny size, but then what about mid-size? This is my first foray into a one-size fitted, I might try a goodmama and see the difference..but the exposed snaps!! i don’t know, i’ll just wait for the sbish fitteds to come (the bamboo fleece!).

Correction, I do have a MotherEase One-Size, but I don’t use them, never tried them! Haiya, must open the diaper box and see the condition and sell off la..as an excuse, i didn’t try the MEOS because i don’t have the doubler that goes with it and because the poly content is quite high, 20% i think. Also because I read and think it won’t hold up much to a heavy wetter. bububebe’s also have poly, and are the first diapers i put on my kids with poly in them, that are not meant as a cover that is, i think the obv has 2% poly in them, the cotton velour i’m sure has a higher poly content, can’t remember how much though..

  1. Erica
    July 25, 2009 at 11:28

    If you don’t want your sbish graphite, I have a pair of lighter graphite. I love the dark and would def trade!

    • alsetti
      September 10, 2009 at 10:35

      sorry I have been away, and then quite busy to realise that another mama is also having the sbish love! 😛

      I’m okay with the colour, my only gripe is that the sbish are a bit too tight and hard to put on, but I find now that’s a common problem for the other brand soakers I have, maybe my kids are just built strange. That said, I occasionally use them, altho not as much as I’d like and am looking to get some Large shorts once I ‘feel’ rich 🙂 maybe I should start sewing!

      i appreciate you dropping by!

  2. Juli
    October 15, 2011 at 09:53

    Hi Mama! I know this is an old post but if you decide to part with your sbish lychee I would gladly buy them (or attempt to trade if you are in need of anything)! I have been trying to find a pair EVERYWHERE! Thanks so much! 🙂

    • alsetti
      December 6, 2011 at 18:55

      Admittedly they are not in use, but since sloomb has discontinued interlock, I’d prefer to keep them, unless you have any sbish interlock shorties in L or XL lying around then I’ll probably consider a trade depending on condition, price etc. I’m also overseas, way down here in Malaysia! The good things are really hard to get, eh?

      • Juli
        August 26, 2012 at 01:53

        Hi there! I can’t believe I never saw your reply!! I have quite a bit of large sbish interlock that will never work for my peanut. If you’re still in need of a trade for the ML lychees please let me know!! I’d love to work with you!! Thanks so my much!!

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