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Books this month

3rd? visit, maybe 21st April 2009.

1. Malaysian Birds (MNS)

Excellent introduction to Malaysian Birds. Not comprehensive, but a good colourful and informative introduction for both adults and children alike. Now to get one!

2. From head to toe

Now I thought Eric Carle wrote this one, but it seems he’s ‘only’ the illustrator! Pardon me artists, Eric Carle’s drawings at first glance to me, are too contemporary for children to appreciate. I held back from buying any of his books, except the the very hungry caterpillar, but a library does mean that I can just pick one up without buyers remorse. After actually taking one up to read to my two year old..oh my, now I know why his books are classics. The story, the words, are all very well thought out, and make parents and their children turn their heads, kick their legs, lift their shoulders, just like many of the animals funnily illustrated (at least I think that contemporary = funny). Eric Carle’s paintings are colourful and the large book is a great plus, but really what captivates and holds my two year old’s attention is the story. The book cleverly introduces different parts of the body and helps the child remember by showing how different animals move. Excellently written by Dr. who(?), sorry Dr. Bill Martin Jr., your written words are captivating Dr., but Eric Carle’s name just seem stick in my head better. Definitely 5 stars.

3. Little Cloud

Another Eric Carle book, with very nice illustrations about a little cloud that finally brings rain. 3 stars.

4. Visit to the pet

A visit to the pet is a really funny book, I wish it were the size of Eric Carle’s big books. It rhymes, it’s funny, easy enough for my two going on three year old and engaging enough for my six year old. A near 4 stars!

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