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Ramblings on the education system

In February, a Cambridge University review of primary education, the biggest such study for 40 years, said rigid testing was suffocating children’s learning.

from http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20090326/tuk-uk-britain-schools-fa6b408.html

bila la sistem pendidikan kat sini akan bebas peperiksaan..

I’m not against exams totally, but exams, tests for kindergarten students..aiyoo..too much la.

For primary students, allthough I haven’t read the study (or any other), but I’m seriously questioning exams for primary school, I think yearly exams should be out, replace them with teacher assesments that go on throughout the year, not fair and lack human touch to just assess someone once at end of year, and the stress factor too..arrghh. Not right for those small wee kids. Actually I have the same idea for secondary, but maybe to radical la..M’sians might not be able to stomach it all in one go..he..he.. (maybe in 50 years time??)

When will we all, parents especially, wake up that having kids with straight As is NOT everything. I know it’s the key to some opportunities in life, but hey I think we have taken this A thing too far. Grades cannot be more important than faith, than working hard, than being a part of a functional family…I totally disagree of this trend where children are confined to studying, don’ t have to help out with chores at home, ‘cos when it comes to the crunch kids need these ‘life’ skills when they are fending for themselves. You need these skills so that you can manage your time, your family, your work and so on la..

Anyway, enough ranting, totally agree with teachers in the article.  More things I’d like to say later:

1. Segregating classes by grades

2. aiya..got distracted..when I remember inshaAllah I’ll put it down..have to move on..:-P

ok…here’s no 2. Ranking, placement that’s made known to the child, so the child would know if he’s ranked last in the last ranked class, vice versa.

3. segregating by age, banyak study point to the importance of peer learning, and that it could be more beneficial than having a teacher rambling in front

maybe some more later..

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